Residents and Fellows

Residents and Fellows

The RBC Medical Student offer is the most comprehensive disability plan in the marketplace for medical students, residents and fellows.

How much coverage are you eligible for?

Residents and Fellows:

  • Residents – $4,500/month
  • Fellows – $8,500/month
  • Up to 5 months free coverage.

Medical Students:

  • Year 1-2 – $2,000/month
  • Year 3 – $3,000/month
  • Year 4 – $4,500/month
  • Up to 12 months free coverage.

What are the plan details?

  • No medical underwriting
  • 10% discount 
  • Options include:
    • Own occupation definition of disability
    • Cost of living adjustment
    • Future income option up to $25,000/month
    • HIV HEP B&C
    • Conversion to long term care coverage
    • $100,000 critical illness insurance as secondary protection
    • One page enrollment form

How do I enroll?

Complete the attached application and return by email to with a void cheque. We will call you to confirm your application once it has been received.


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